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    Dust Collection: Case Study

    Bin Vent


    Industry Application: Semi-Conductor Power Solutions


    The Problem/Solution: The customer is filling a 400 ton manganese silo pneumatically and needs to vent the air in the silo so the feeder doesn’t back up. In order to vent the air without losing any of the manganese we suggested installing a bin vent which preserved the manganese while improving airflow and conveying efficiency. We supplied the customer with the bin vent equipment which they installed at substantial cost savings.


    Location: Kalahari Desert


    Installation Date: 2013


    Type of Pollutant: Manganese Dust


    Airflow: 1,500 CFM


    Capture Method: Ductless – Direct Mounted Bin Vent


    Filtration Method Used:  USAF Model 33-PBBV-39-6.2


    US Air Filtration Bin Vent

    1,500 CFM Ductless Bin Vent

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