• Sandblasting Facility

    Dust Collection: Case Study
    Cartridge Dust Collector


    Industry Application: Sandblasting


    The Problem/Solution: Naval shipyard performing abrasive sandblasting to recondition ships was in need of a new portable dust collection system to capture dust and fumes created during sandblasting process.


    We manufactured a new US Air Filtration pulse jet cartridge cartridge dust collector which was installed on a portable rig to accommodate large ships and a moving work environment.


    Location: San Diego, CA


    Installation Date: 2012


    Type of Pollutant: Fine dust and sand


    Airflow: 3,600 CFM


    Filtration Method Used: Portable Pulse Jet Cartridge Dust Collector Model #2DCP4

    Portable Cartridge Collector

    3,600 Cartridge Dust Collector for Naval Shipyard

    DSCN2449 DSCN2448 DSCN2447 DSCN2445