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    Baghouse Conversion


    Industry: Sand Product Manufacturing: road base, pea gravel, playground sand and more

    The Problem/Solution: Our customer was experiencing a large quantity of dust pollution while moving sand through rock crusher and vibrating screens. We converted their shaker style dust collector to a more efficient pulse jet baghouse which reduced dust emissions during sand processing and improved factory air quality and production. Converting to the new pulse jet technology offered significant cost savings for the customer over a new dust collector install which would have required a complete overhaul to the dust collector infrastructure.


    Location: Simi Valley, CA


    Installation Date: 1997


    Type of Pollutant: Silica Dust


    Airflow: 38,000 CFM Dust Collector


    Capture Method: Source Capture Method: Hoods


    Filtration Method Used: Conversion of old shaker system to new pulse jet baghouse system

    Sand Plant Baghouse Conversion

    38,000 CFM Dust Collector

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