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    Dust Collection: Case Study

    Bin Vent Dust Collector


    Industry Application: Silica Powder


    The Problem/Solution: The customer is filling two silos with silica powder pneumatically from multiple inlets and needed to vent the air in the silo so the feeders wouldn’t get backed up. We recommended and supplied a US Air Filtration bin vent for the customer to install that would improve airflow and conveying efficiency.
    Location: Chester, PA


    Installation Date: 2013


    Type of Pollutant: Silica Powder


    Capture Method: Ductless – Direct Mounted Bin Vent


    Filtration Method Used:  USAF Model 77-PTBV-84-5 Bin Vent w/ Bag & Cage

    US Air Filtration Bin Vent

    Ductless- Direct Mounted Bin Vent

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