• Automotive Castings Plant

    Automotive Castings Plant
    Dust Collection: Case Study

    Baghouse Collector


    Industry Application: Metalworking


    The Problem/Solution: An industry leader in automotive castings required an extensive three part air pollution control system to capture a significant amount of silica, sand, and metallic dust and fumes created at several processing points in the work environment.


    We manufactured and installed four turnkey US Air Filtration baghouse systems from the ground up including a dual baghouse system outside the plant and two internal units. Complete installation included all concrete, electrical, duct work, equipment, and baghouse install. Airflow for the entire system captures nearly 200,000 CFM dust and fumes with an average 4 to 1 air-to-cloth filter ratio across all units.


    The dual outdoor pulse-jet baghouse system provides ventilation and capture of dust and fumes generated during mold pouring, mold cooling, shake-out, casting sorting and blast cabinet processing. Another baghouse was installed in the plant to provide ventilation and capture of silica and sand dust created at sand cooler, sand bins, bucket elevators, aerator, mullor, sand transfer points. The fourth baghouse unit was installed to ventilate the close captured furnace charging & melting process.


    Features of the project include enclosed hoppers for the outside units, emission testing platforms installed on all units, PTFE treated filter bags, bag leak detectors and an advanced state of the art electrical system for on all three baghouse system which included Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and HMI touch screens , system protection field devices, and exterior & interior lighting.


    Location: Rushville, IN


    Installation Date: 2013


    Type of Pollutant:

    • Dual Baghouse: Silica, Sand Fume Fines
    • Sand Baghouse: Silica, Sand Fines
    • Induction Furnace Baghouse: Metallic Fumes and Magnesium Oxide



    • Dual Baghouse: 150,000 CFM
    • Sand Baghouse: 32,000 CFM
    • Induction Furnace Baghouse: 16,000 CFM


    Ventilation Taps: Ventilation Taps


    Ventilation/Capture Point:

    • Dual Baghouse: Mold pouring, Mold Cooling, Shake-out, Casting sorting and Blast Cabinet processing.
    • Sand Baghouse: Sand Cooler, Sand bins, Bucket Elevators, Aerator, Mullor, Return Sand belt
    • Induction Furnace Baghouse: 9MT Induction Furnace.

    Automotive Castings Plant

    150,000 CFM Dual Baghouse

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