Cartridge Filter Construction

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Get a better understanding of the right cartridge filter for your dust collector system, the most common construction options you can choose from, and the treatments available for your filter.

Cartridge FiltersCartridge dust collectors are designed to be modular and compact while engineered to capture fine dust particulate. Common applications include metalworking and castings, powder coating, rubber manufacturing, bulk powder processing and more. This type of dust collection system requires cartridge filters. The right cartridge filter for your system will be dependent on your dust collector’s design and application. Below we are exploring some of the most common construction options for cartridge filters.

Cartridge Filter Construction

Top ConstructionBottom ConstructionOuter ConstructionFrame or Top MaterialShape
OpenOpenOuter Bands: Commonly made out of nylon and used to hold pleats in place.Polycore (hard plastic)Round – Most common. Standard cartridge filter diameter sizes for this shape are 12.75”, 13.8”, and 13.9”.
FlangeClosedExpanded Metal: A sheet of metal perforated with dashes which are off set, and then stretched out or expanded over the pleats. The same metal frame can be added to the inside of the cartridge. This construction can be referred to as inner and/or outer expanded.Galvanized Metal – Most common Oval
Closed with Bolt HoleNone: The outer construction can also have neither a band nor frame.Stainless Steel – Least common, most expensiveConical

Cartridge Filter Media

  • 80/20: Constructed of 80% cellulose, 20% polyester which provides more strength to the cartridge filter than 100% cellulose.
  • Nanofiber: A thin, synthetic web of fibers which is overlaid on top of a substrate, usually 80/20 but sometimes polyester.
  • Spunbond Polyester
  • Polyester
  • Specialty Medias: Aramid is one example of rare cartridge filter media. This specialty media can cost up to 2-3 times more than Nanofiber or Spunbond.

Cartridge Filter Treatments

Cartridge Filter Resources

If you have an upcoming cartridge filter project, below is a complete checklist of questions to help you find the right fit.

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