MERV 15 rated media for industrial cartridge collectors.

Nanofiber is a layer applied over the 80/20 base media which increases efficiency to 99.999% @ 0.5 micron and improves dust cake release compared to standard 80/20 medias.  This MERV 15 rated media is an excellent choice for fine dust applications including plasma cutting, welding fumes, powder processing and more.

Nanofiber can also be used as a general use filter to increase filter life.  It comes in both standard and fire retardant options.


Spunbond Polyester

Durable media for industrial cartridge collectors.

Spunbond polyester is a more durable media when compared to 80/20 and nanofiber.  This media’s strength makes it an excellent fit for applications with abrasive dusts and high dust loading.  With wider pleat spacing spunbond filters allow better dust release for applications with large or irregular dust particles.


Polyester w/ PTFE Membrane

Highly efficient filter media with excellent dust release properties for industrial cartridge collectors.

Polyester with PTFE Membrane provides efficiencies of 99.99% @ 0.5 micron or greater. It provides excellent dust cake release on sub-micron particulate, difficult dust cakes, moist dust, and agglomerative dust applications. The polyester base media provides strength and abrasion resistance.

Used in applications where high efficiency or low emissions are required or where dust cake release is a concern. Applications include food processing, chemicals, plastics, etc.


80/20 Cellulose Polyester Blend

Cellulose (80%) polyester (20%) blended with Fire Retardant coating media for industrial cartridge collectors.

80/20 FR is an economical media option ideal for blasting or paint booths, inlet filtration units, ambient air filtration, and more.

All of our 80/20 media comes with a fire retardant coating.

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