Bin Vent Drawing

Looking for a dust collector that allows for quick installation, low maintenance, and high efficiency?

Bin Vent dust collectors feature rugged welded housings and can be furnished to handle air volumes ranging from 100 to 5,000 cubic feet per minute. They are usually used in applications where you are moving product from one location to another. Like a cartridge collector, bin vents are also compact, modular, and designed for easy change-outs. They are designed to efficiently vent silos and tanks while keeping the product inside the silo.

Most Common Applications for a Bin vent:

Benefits of a Bin vent:

  • High Efficiency - Filter media removes 99.99+ percent of en-trained particles.

  • Low Energy Requirements - Compressed air usage is minimized through precise matching of cleaning requirements and cleaning frequency.

  • Low Maintenance Requirements - No moving parts inside the collector. Pulsing system can be inspected without shutting down the collector

  • Quick Installation - Welded housing is shipped ready to install for minimum erection costs. Collector may be mounted directly to the bin or silo, or supplied with a hopper and support legs as a freestanding unit.

If you’re looking for a bin vent for your next project, here is a check list of some frequently asked questions you'll need to consider.

Bin Vent Dust Collector Project Questions

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