Project Summary

A global leader in the development of specialty chemicals, requested two 7,500 CFM custom baghouses for a new chemical facility located in the country of Jordan. Dust properties at this facility consisted of very hard, erosive, and abrasive chemical dust created during processing. These properties required the dust collection system be fabricated with high grade material to withstand significant long term abrasion.


USAF designed and fabricated a custom dust collection system consisting of two baghouse units made from titanium grade 2 metal – typically known as “workhorse titanium”. Many of the hard components used within the system, such as the cages, were also provided in titanium grade 2 metal. Titanium is the optimal choice for applications such as chemical processing, power generation, chlorate manufacturing, etc. The robust properties of titanium allow for long term, reliable performance.

Extensive quality control testing was required throughout the fabrication process to ensure the system met stringent quality and air filtration standards with the housing, filters and materials used. To ensure quality control standards were met, USAF provided third party inspection reports. These reports were prepared during several phases of the manufacturing process.

Equipment Specifications

  • Model 1010 Round Titanium Gr. 2 Baghouses
  • CFM: 7500 CFM (per unit)
  • Air-to-Cloth Ratio: 4.8:1
  • Dust Characteristics: Chemicals
  • Filter Media: Ryton with PTFE Membrane

We are happy to deal with a vendor that stands behind their commitments. It says a lot about your integrity and to me that means everything! Thank you! — Albemarle

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