5 Most Commonly Replaced Dust Collector Parts

Proper upkeep of your dust collector is essential to long term health and performance.

As your dust collector ages, it’s parts will be prone to wear and tear. Keep your dust collector performing at peak efficiency with the right maintenance plan. This will ensure you are performing critical inspections needed on the most wearable parts of your dust collector.

5 Most Commonly Replaced Dust Collector Parts:

  1. Timer board
  2. Solenoid Kit
  3. Diaphragm Kit
  4. Valves
  5. Filters

Now you have a check list, but how will know when it’s time to replace your parts? You can look out for these common warning signs we’ve listed below. The more you are prepared now, the more you are able to avoid the high costs that quickly escalate with unscheduled downtime.

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5 Commonly Replaced Dust Collector Parts

Common Warning Signs for Replacement

Timer Board:

  • No power to the timer board, the fuse may be your culprit


  • Rubber parts are worn
  • Solenoid post is bent
  • Plunger is becoming pitted
  • Due to environmental conditions, the coil itself has suffered an electrical short. This results in weakened copper wires

Diaphragm Kit:

  • Rubber has crack or holes in it
  • Diaphragm kit is pitted, allowing air to leak through
  • Any holes tears or imperfections indicate it’s time to change it out
  • Is your spring broken?


  • Air leaking
  • stops pulsing
  • pulse is weak
  • filters aren’t cleaning properly


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