2018 Fall Special – Free Repair Kits

Is it time for a fall change out on your dust collector? For a limited time only, we are including FREE* diaphragm repair kits with new filter orders for our customers! To learn more about qualifying orders, simply reply to this message or contact your account manager at (888) 221-0312 to place an order.


If you’re looking for some more information on the variety of replacement parts we offer, you can visit our website at www.usairfiltration.com You can also find some great tutorials and how-to guides in our video library here.




Fabric Characteristics: Polypropylene versus Polyester

Some of the information presented below is for general guideline purposes.  Varying sets of conditions may affect performance.


Are you looking for the best media fit for the baghouse filters?  Having issues or are you changing out your filters too often?  Looking into the media you use, and how that fits your application, can be one way to get you to the next step or solution.


Listed below are the benefits and characteristics of two type’s media (out of several) that we can supply.  If you would like any more information, spec sheets, or to talk to a responsive representative that can help, please contact us at 888-221-0312



  • Max Continuous Operating Temp: 170 Deg F
  • Abrasion: Excellent
  • Energy Absorption: Good
  • Filtration Properties: Good
  • Moist Heat: Excellent
  • Alkalines: Excellent
  • Mineral Acids: Excellent



  • Max Continuous Operating Temp: 275 Deg F
  • Abrasion: Excellent
  • Energy Absorption: Excellent
  • Filtration Properties: Excellent
  • Moist Heat: Poor
  • Alkalines: Fair
  • Mineral Acids: Fair