Solutions to Damaged Dust Collector Cages

Are you looking to solve shipping issues you have been experiencing with dust collector cages? As you may already know, shipping cages can be delicate process.


One way U.S. Air Filtration, Inc. can help you solve that problem is by protecting them within a metal frame. Allowing for a longer lead time on your order gives U.S. Air Filtration, Inc. the ability to make these custom frames. Some of the overall benefits you can experience are:


– Reduced probability of damaged goods arriving at your facility.

– Casters provided on the frame allow for easy maneuvering.

– Easy loading and unloading of up to 250 cages at a time (using a forklift).


If you would like to talk to a parts specialist to take advantage of this option, please contact us at 888-221-0312.





Cage Order Requests

Looking to get a quote on cages for your baghouse?  Below is a list of the most common cage specs that are typically required to provide you with a price.


  • How does the cage load?
    • Bottom or Top?
  • If the cage is top loading, what kind of top is it?
    • Rolled Flange (aka Turned Down Flange), Split Collar
    • Material Type
  • Horizontal Ring Spacing
  • Number of Vertical Wires
  • Wire Thickness (gauge)
  • Size of cell plate or tube sheet


Before rising tarriffs on steel and aluminum drive up domestic metal prices, along with your price, you can contact one our our parts specialists at 888-221-0312 to request a quote.


You can also visit our website at or view our case studies here.




Rising Steel Prices Affecting the Dust Collector Cage Industry

Did you know that blanket tariffs on steel and aluminum will more than likely drive up domestic metal prices? Our customers are strategizing and placing orders now for their dust collector cages before prices on metal rise globally.


If you are looking to talk to a parts specialist about your options, and what the cost savings will be, please contact us at 888-221-0312. At U.S. Air Filtration, we manufacture cages to fit nearly any dust collector. Our cages can be made for high temperature, high moisture, acidic or other environments. Whatever your application, we can make a cage to meet your needs.


You can also visit our website  for more information or to view some of our case studies you can visit us here


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About U.S. Air Filtration, Inc.

With over 45 years of experience, U.S. Air Filtration has engineered, designed and installed numerous dust collector systems throughout various locations in the U.S. and internationally. Applications for our systems are diverse and include light and heavy manufacturing, mining and more.


At the heart of our success is the customer service we provide to you through our experienced and responsive specialists. We value that close customer relationship we build with you while we help you with your equipment or technical needs.


We find it important to us that you are able to get direct answers from a “live” person when you call in. So we’re here to answer your questions and provide any support needed; please give us a call at 888-221-0312.

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Thursday Thoughts

Having a growth mindset can fundamentally change the way you see opportunities at work.  If you believe that you can develop and improve through hard work, good strategies, and valuable input from others, it can help you see the bigger picture and acheive goals that may have seemed far out of reach.  A growth mindset can help one feel empowered and confident to conquer problems; eventually turning them into learning opportunites.


People tend to breed insecurity and feel defensive when they  recieve criticism, have negative thoughts about their  performance, or feel despondant because of a mistake.  What we should try to remember, is that these types of negative thoughts or actions will make us take a step backwards insteads of propelling us closer forward to a place of growth.  Each day at work is faced with it’s own set of challenges, so making the internal commitment to yourself to seek feedback, admit errors, and collaborate with others is one of the first steps you can take to develop a growth mindset.