12 Days of Christmas Dust Collection Maintenance Tips

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Get our top maintenance tips for your baghouse, cartridge collector or bin vent to the tune of the 12 days of Dust-mas.

For a little Christmas Cheer we’ve pulled together some of our most popular dust collection maintenance resources here to the theme of the 12 Days of Dust-mas.  Enjoy!

Baghouse 3D Demo

Is your building all dusty? Time for a new system?  Check out a 3D Demo of our most popular baghouse units.

Broken Dust Collector Bags

Two broken bags?  Check out this video on how to detect a dust collector leak in your system.


Dust Collector Shipping

Learn more about how USAF ships your orders and what to do to expedite your lead times.

Four Cartridge Filters

Is it time for a changeout?  Here’s a brief instructional video on how to changeout your USAF cartridge filters.

5 broken valves

Do you have a leaky diaphragm valve?  Get some tips you can try to troubleshoot your broken valves.

6 Bags a Blinding

Is your differential pressure rising and dust escaping your dust collector?  It could be blinding bags.  Find out how to tell your bags are compromised and signs it’s time for a filter changeout.

7 Cages a Rusting

Learn all about cage construction for your filter bags here.

8 Gates a Sticking

Having trouble removing dust from your dust collector?  Has your dust load increased?  Check out some of the most common dust removal options available including rotary valves and pneumatic conveying.

9 Pleated Filters

Need help installing pleated filters?  Here’s a brief tutorial on how to install yours correctly.

10 Bags a Clogging

Do you have clogged bags?  Does your system utilize on-demand cleaning?  Find out how this can help you save time and energy.

11 New Workstations

Are you looking to expand plant operations in the new year?  Get information on how much a new baghouse, cartridge collector or bin vent costs and all the factors that go into the cost of a new dust collection system.

12 Bosses Yelling

Check out our USAF Cartridge Dust Collector 3D Demo and learn how a USAF system can help improve plant operations.

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